David Ignatius: Interagency quarrels in U.S. compound mess in Iraq

WASHINGTON — President Obama is rightly pushing Iraqi leaders to unite and take action after the fall of Ramadi a week ago. But he needs to mo…

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Gazette opinion: Final resting place coming for Apsaalooke Warriors

Gazette opinion: Final resting place coming for Apsaalooke Warriors

Last December, descendants of four Crow Code Talkers received Congressional Gold Medals, the highest award Congress can bestow. The medals hon…

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EMTs, paramedics some of the best people

EMS stands for ""Emergency Medical Service" and is composed of EMT's with 120 hours and paramedics with 2000 hours of learning. In Billings, t…

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Hats off to Montana Department of Transportation

On behalf of all motorcyclists in Montana, my hat is off to Mike Tooley and the Montana Department of Transportation for recognizing May as Mo…

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Celebrate Juneteenth freedom at South Park

Juneteenth will be celebrated in Billings on June 20 at South Park from noon to 3 p.m. Juneteenth is the oldest known celebration commemoratin…

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Ups and Downs:

Ups and Downs:


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Keeping an eye on a 'red' state

I've been a bit smug, thinking, even though we live in a "red" state, that we were somewhat removed from the lunacy that has prompted the gove…

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Administrators are cause of growing college costs

There has been a lot of arguing lately over the increased cost of college. What we don’t hear is the real reason for this. According to Paul F…

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Judges pro tem work best in Billings court

As I was hearing the proceedings at a City Council work session, I listened to the exchange of conversation with Councilwoman Bird and Judge K…

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Proudly display the flag on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is observed on May 25 this year. As you enjoy a day off work and barbecue with family and friends, don't forget the real meaning …

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Governor should call special legislative session

The 2015 legislative session, while it could have ended on a high note of passing critical infrastructure funding for Montana, especially East…

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Think of energy independence on Memorial Day

Some Americans have no idea what Memorial Day is all about. Some have forgotten or maybe just don't think about it. That's why, 15 years ago, …

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Bakken boom won't last forever

Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock knows the recent energy boom in Eastern Montana has its pluses and minuses. On the plus side, it ha…

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Representatives put extremist views ahead of state

I was sorry to hear that Reps. Dave Hagstrom and Clayton Fiscus put their extremist views ahead of the well-being of the state of Montana, and…

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Stand with Stillwater miners and their wives

I’m not a miner and I’m not a miner’s wife. Why do I stand with the Stillwater miners? The Stillwater miners are members of our community. The…

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Megachurch means consequences for area residents

For those of us living on the West End of Billings, we all know traffic on Rimrock Road is becoming more and more congested. Well, it will onl…

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From the editor: Reputation at any cost

From the editor: Reputation at any cost

Everyone has a price. It's nice to know the University of Montana's. Apparently, that price is somewhere near $10 million.

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WTO decision against country-of-origin labeling flawed

When a popular, common-sense law like COOL is declared illegal by an anonymous tribunal of the World Trade Organization, you have to wonder wh…

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Let's come together to protect grizzlies

One of the most special regions in the world, and one that I’ve been lucky enough to live in, learn about and explore, is the American West. T…

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Gazette opinion: Montana prisons must reform to reduce recidivism

Gazette opinion: Montana prisons must reform to reduce recidivism

The vegetable garden at Montana Women’s Prison supplies the cafeteria that serves more than 200 inmates. The bounty is shared with local nonpr…

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New test offers pathway for Montanans to finish high school

About a year ago, Montana gave the nod to the new HiSET test for high school equivalency, along with nine other states.

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Misunderstandings about Lummis' Paddling Act

There has been a lot of negativity and misunderstanding about Rep. Cynthia Lummis’ Yellowstone and Grand Teton Paddling Act. It is a complex i…

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Delisting grizzly bear would be bad news

Delisting grizzly bear would be bad news

The delisting proposal for the Yellowstone grizzly bear is disturbing. Grizzlies have one of the lowest reproductive rates of mammals. A femal…

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Guest opinion: How extremists lost Montana fight they had fixed

Guest opinion: How extremists lost Montana fight they had fixed

“The fix was in,” has become the rallying cry of Montana’s extremists and, as such, it represents their efforts to engage and energize the sma…

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Republicans must not compromise their values

I go way back with Bob Brown (May 16 guest opinion) and have great respect for his years of service to Montana. However,I strongly disagree wi…

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