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    Road trips are a rite of passage for many Americans. These driving adventures are full of roadside attractions, eclectic diners and incredible memories. Yet, with high gas prices, many families…

    Flying is an absolute nightmare right now. As “revenge travel” causes a surge in passengers post-Covid restrictions, understaffed airports and airlines across the country are struggling to keep up. The surge in demand, with inadequate resources to support it, has resulted in thousands of flights delayed or canceled this summer. By July, more flights had […]

    Over the last two weeks, two branches of government have staked out a position that when an airline cancels or substantially delays your flight, no matter what the reason, it should either get you to your destination as quickly as possible or give you a cash refund — and that a voucher or future credit isn't an adequate alternative. Unlike the case of minimized airline seat size, I think this idea will have legs.

    The daughter of the Dutch national team’s dressage coach Sjef Janssen and dressage trainer Kerensa Muller, Kayden Muller-Janssen paved a different career path for herself. A former competitive baton twirler, the 20-year-old singer is best known these days for her acting career, which includes Disney’s “The Villains of Valley View.” Based out of Wellington, Florida, Muller-Janssen describes her character, Hartley, as “an interesting character. She’s charismatic and loves to help others and her community. She doesn't like to lie so that is a big challenge for her throughout the show. I think Hartley would be a great travel partner. She always has a positive outlook on life and knows how to have a good time.”


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